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Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed with Reversible Flap

Average Review: 4.5 rated  of 5 stars (5) Reviews :
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Item Code: granite-tactical-gear-chief-flatbed-with-reversible-flap

A versatile load carriage system based on the same frame and BACH suspension system as Granite Gears CHIEF Patrol Pack. This system has extensive capabilities! Granite Gear has tested this pack carrying a full spectrum of hard to tote items like jerry cans, chain saws, rescue tools, dry bags and even an outboard motor.This pack has the capability to develop attachment kits to custom tune this piece to specific applications. Good examples of the kit options are carrying rescue tools and the sweet dry-bag custom built to fit the Flatbed pack system, Granite Gear collaborated with Watershed to build this dry bag system creating a fully submersible waterproof bag. This pack is not just for the military though! Montana backcountry hunters are loving the Chief Flatbed for it's versatility and load hauling capabilities. With the included flap you are able to carry all of your backpacking equipment to get into the backcountry and still be able to haul your game out when you harvest an animal. The back of the frame and the flap are loaded with molle attachments allowing you to fully customize the pack, the flap that is included has vertical molle and horizontal molle allowing you to reverse the flap to allow for customization. The included flap is recommended to carry loads up to 12" thick which is more than adequate to pack a couple of quarters out of the mountains.

Give us a call at 406-582-0508 and we can discuss different options with you to make the pack work best for your use.

Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed  with Reversible Flap
Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed  with Reversible Flap ImagesGranite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed with Reversible Flap
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Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed  with Reversible Flap 1  Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed  with Reversible Flap 2   Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed  with Reversible Flap 3   Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed  with Reversible Flap 4

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  • CHIEF FRAMESHEET – A 3-D molded framesheet fits the contours of the back, and flexes with the body while maintaining exceptional support.
  • PIVOT POINT HARDWARE - Comfort is achieved with pivoting anchor points for shoulder straps and belts that also help maximize body movement. Torso length and shoulder harness width are adjustable for a custom fit.
  • BODY ARMOR COMPATIBLE HARNESS - The harness is customizable to fit over body armor. Extra shoulder strap padding is removable, and a lumbar pad is added for better load transfer.
  • NIR SOLUTION-DYED FABRIC – Both the base fabric (500d), and webbing (1000d) consist of solution-dyed nylon (SDN) CORDURA® fabrics that provide maximum Near Infra-red (NIR) signature reduction concealment properties.

  • Torso Sizes: Short | Regular | Long
  • Weight: 2.5kg | 5lbs 10oz with Flap
  • Suspension: CHIEF
  • Pack comes with Reversible Standard Flap
  • Made in USA
  • 210D Nylon Cordura Body
  • Tweave Stretch Woven Fabric
  • Trelleborg

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      Average Review: 4.5 rated  of 5 stars (5) Reviews :
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      Good pack!

      rated 5 of 5 stars
      The flat bed this pack carries a load really well to hall elk quarters disconnect the buckles drop the flap down and load your quarters simple and bomb proof there are lots of options for connecting other pockets to the side.

      Not bad, but...

      rated 2 of 5 stars
      It's well made and an earnest effort. For the $$, I'd rather have a Mystery Ranch pack -better load carrying and lighter.


      rated 5 of 5 stars
      I absolutely love my Granite Tactical Gear Chief Flatbed. When I harvested my 2011 Montana Shiras moose the pack was right there with me to get the bull out of the mountains. One trip consisted of the head, horns and full cape along with a 50 lb bag of backstraps, neck meat and tender loins. The pack I can assume was easily at or over 100 pounds but I had no way to the weight it. The head and cape was probably between 70-80 pounds. Not something you would want to pack very far but it wasn't terribly uncomfortable, it was more awkward than anything. Loads compression is very easy with the multiple straps that it has. The week before I packed out a large set of elk horns attached to the skull and all the loins and neck meat of a bull I had harvested and at the trail I had a pack scale and was able to weight it accurately. It tipped the scales at 75 pounds and was very comfortable on the 7 mile hike out of the back country. All in all this pack has been worth every penny I spent on it, it is great to finally have a pack that is comfortable and sturdy.


      rated 5 of 5 stars
      my last update was posted near the had end of september. since then I have been with friends and been involved in the harvest of pack out of 5 different mature mule deer bucks. this pack has had no problems packing 60-90lbs of quarters out with all of my spotting scope equipment in tow aswell. I add a set of the Granite Gear lateral half zip bags and had a custom spotting scope case made for my by fhf gear that attaches right to the molle on the back sheet I will send pictures to high caliber gear and hopefull they will post them on the website for you to see.


      rated 5 of 5 stars
      this pac is incrediable if granite gear marketed this to hunters mystery ranch would have some very serious competition on their hands. my finished pack all assesories included is over 3 pounds lighter than the mystery ranch setup I was concidering empty this pack has a wider shoulder strap system to distribute the weight better when hauling a load its waist belt has no problem tightning down on my 30 inch waist with its center pull system and it stays tight while hiking very well. this has to be one of the best hunting purcheses that I have ever made.

      Granite Tactical GearChief Flatbed with Reversible Flap rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from 5 reviews.

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